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Our Mission and Values

Our Mission is to Share Christ's Love and Grow Believers

What does that mean?

We believe that the purpose of the church is to share and spread the love of God to all people through word and action. We follow Jesus and his teachings which plainly tell us to love God and love others, even our enemies. This means living out our faith, helping others in need, and inviting others to follow Jesus as the only source of hope, peace, forgiveness, and transformation. 


We also believe that salvation is just the first step in becoming a follower of Jesus. As apprentices of Jesus we are invited into a lifelong journey of growth, healing, and new life. We continue to learn and grow in Christ-likeness long after we surrender our lives to Jesus. At our church we want to help people experience Jesus centered growth throughout their life.   

Our Values

Biblical Knowledge

We believe that the Bible is central to understanding who God is through Jesus, and understanding the plan of God to bring about healing and reconciliation for humanity. We encourage our members to study the Bible especially with others wherever possible.


We value community and relationships with one another. We strive to cultivate paces where people can find not only support in life, but also the freedom to celebrate and enjoy fun and food together.

Service and Cooperation


We know that God is generous with us, providing us with abundance in both spiritual and physical ways. We seek to share the abundance that God has provided for us with those in our community and around the world through vetted organization and responsible means.


We value prayer within our community as a way to support one another, surrender to God, and seek God's guidance and wisdom in our choices. We believe that the Holy Spirit desires to be with us and help us, and we see prayer as one way to engage with the work of God in our world. 


Worship has long been a value for our church. Our faith heritage has a rich tradition of worship not only in song, but throughout our lives. Every thing we do is an opportunity to glorify God. 


We know that Jesus has made a significant difference in our lives, and we want to share that with others. We strive to share our faith and provide opportunities for people to hear and respond to the Good News of Jesus and the Kingdom of God. 

Healthy Families

We believe that families are an important part of God's design. Beyond the nuclear family (parents and children), we encourage intergenerational relationships, and programs that foster interactions and relationship building between parents, children, and extended family. 


The Cornerstone of all our values and beliefs is Jesus. Our faith heritage stems from a deep commitment to radical obedience to the life and teaching of Jesus. This is seen in many ways, such as desire to live without excess and a commitment to non-violence. We place a special emphasis on "The Sermon on the Mount" but all of our values stem from our core value and belief that Jesus is God fully revealed, and it is him that we should follow with all of our life. 

We know that Jesus came to serve and calls us to serve one another. We actively participate in programs that center on doing good things for those in need, both inside and outside the church. 

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